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I started Cold Pressed Kings in pursuit to nurture the community, and found that I, in turn was also nurturing myself. I have been to various Juice Bars, Cafes, Shops and Shacks and have undoubtedly had a similar experience as yourself; it all starts with traffic, no parking, long line, just to find out their sold out of what I was craving. During these adventures to the juice spot I also started to subconscious judge myself by comparing my choices to the customers around me... no fun and definitely not healthy. So whats an individual to do to get some high quality, organic, raw health and nutrition into his/her life? Now heres where the real fun starts; Regular Gal (thats me), has a simple life, loves tasty food, organic juice, hot yoga, spending time with the fam, who sometimes overindulges; puts everything through the juicer, adds in a health dose of love and voila, Cold Pressed Kings was born a organic, local, 100% delivery based, stress free juice company. Real person, + real food, = really good top quality ROYAL treatment for all. Shouldn't you treat your health like royalty? 

it all starts with a seed

​​​​Organic Origins, Local Love